Hydrops in the inner ear

Hydrops in the inner ear is the first objective finding in patients who complained of tinnitus. Together with that came the other symptoms that are included in Meniere's disease.

This part is not covering all the aspects of the theoretical point of view. It is related to some points that are considered important.

Simplified models of Meniere's Disease

Desperate experts of Ear Nose and Throat, Neurology and Audiology are using simplified models of Meniere's Disease. The central issue of the model includes two pathologies:
(1) the fluids in the inner ear.
(2) the reactive psychological symptoms of the patient.

My approach

My approach is that every patient should be interviewed and investigated very deeply from many medical aspects in order to find the way out of this terrible medical condition.

The therapist should be aware of the many medical fields that may contribute to the pathology and the response of healthy people. One aspect is the biological and psychological systems of the patient, and the other component is the contribution of provoking stimuli such as g-force (did you see a vertigo sufferer traveling on "Roller Coaster" train?), high voltage electro-magnetic fields (as can be seen in workers of electric stations) and molecules of industrial contamination.

I gave few examples out of the endless list of those factors. In the relevant articles that I wrote for this website you can find part of these examples, and some of the historical aspect in every field.







































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