There is hope

The sources of hope

The sources of hope are the Medical Approach and the Statistics of the treatments.

Current options of treatments

Even before the review of my medical approach, it is possible to read the current options of treatments for the typical Meniere's disease sufferer. They are more optimistic than the management of the disease in the past. Although even today, most of the options are directed to relieve without cure, in the far past every specialist was very pessimistic regarding any treatment.

Mark Van Romondnt improvement

markIn the original video clip of Mr. Van Romondnt mark (Aruba) there was a final part of a very emotional speech full of compliments to me.

He did it spontaneously after we succeeded to solve another metabolic problem. In spite of that, we cut this part because some people might accuse us of using the video as a tool for commercial propaganda instead of telling facts.

The relive of Mr. Van Romondt and many other patients are important source for hope.

My medical approach

My medical approach includes good news. The part of the treatments for tinnitus was assessed by questionnaires and underwent statistical analysis. The results are impressive, and written below. The treatments of vertigo were monitored by clinical interview without computerized analysis.

Data of Israeli soldiers

The first time that the results of the metabolic approach were analyzed was in 1993.

Soldiers of the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) who came to the central clinic of the IDF filled the "Tinnitus Questionnaire" in the pre-treatment phase and in every visit.

After eliminating the data of the patients who were involved in litigations against any insurance authority, it was shown that 90% of them improved dramatically or were cured after 6 months of treatment. The age range was 18 – 30 years.

Data of patients in the out-patient clinic of "Hadassah" Hospital

hadassahAnother analysis was done on a population of the out-patient clinic of Ear Nose and Throat in "Hadassah Hospital", Jerusalem.

The patients were older, and 50% of them were in ages more than 60 years.

After 12 months of treatment with metabolic approach for their tinnitus, 70% of them reported of dramatic improvement or complete cure.

Patients speaks about their experience (videos)

Some of the patients agreed to be videotaped for the sake of other patients. Others did not like the idea of being videotaped, but agreed that I shall enable desperate patients to call them in order to receive psychological support.


Dr. Arie Yagoda, who is a head of IVF department, told his medical doctors, nursing staff, laboratory experts and administrative workers that he is suffering.

Now, he is reporting to them that he came back to be the Doctor Arie Yagoda that he was before.


Mrs. Anatt Cohen suffered from chronic Meniere's Disease that ruined her life. Tinnitus and vertigo did not enable her to enjoy any moment after age 20. Her loving husband, wonderful babies and social life, could not modify her emotions.

All the time she was occupied with thoughts regarding her attacks of imbalance and the noise of her tinnitus.

Now she is free of her symptoms and enjoys being a babysitter of her grandchild.

huntMr. William R. Hunt came in order to cure his tinnitus. He does not have Meniere's Disease, but he knows a lot about tinnitus and the associated symptoms. In his video-clip he declared that in the future he will work for the sake of the tinnitus sufferers.

He did it, and established the International Tinnitus Awareness Association (ITAA) - organization of volunteers dedicated to increasing the awareness of tinnitus among the general population.

For further reading about the ITAA:

yaacovMr. Yacov Cohen came to me for attacks of severe vertigo. He said that he have also tinnitus, but he does not care about that.

In all the 31 years that I treat Meniere's Disease patients, he was the one with the most severe attack of vertigo that happened in front of my eyes.bIt happened in my private clinic during the first stages of his treatment.

Today, when he is free of vertigo for 3 years, he wants to be cured from his tinnitus too. I agree with him that it is important to eliminate all the symptoms.

Mr. Van Romondt Mark, who was mentioned earlier, repaired his ability to work, improved his social life and found a charming wife. He is cured.







































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