Meniere's Disease: The TextBook Approach

Meniere's Disease Treatment

The treatment for Meniere's disease should be given to patients that underwent a comprehensive evaluation of their auditory and vestibular systems by a specialist. 

Who can be helpedThe main indication for Meniere's disease treatment is usage of medications that may relieve symptoms of the disease. Psychotropic medications may help via decreasing the anxiety or depressive symptoms. Drugs that block H2 receptors are able to reduce attacks of nausea or vomiting. Diuretics may help some of the patients.

Meniere's Disease Diet

Menieres disease diet is a low salt, no alcohol, no caffeine, low sugar and decrease of tobacco. The Meniere's disease sufferer should try it and see what may help.

Biological Clock

Biological Clock that follows the shifts between light and darkness according to the sunrise and sunset may contribute to the relive of some of the symptoms.

The detailed discussion of the four medical conditions: tinnitus, vertigo, dizziness and bilogical clockMeniere's disease is not a recommendation for doing tests or taking any therapy.

Only an expert who examined his patient is an authority to refer a patient for treatment.

Episodes of Vertigo and Tinnitus

The sequence of events in the disease is episodes of vertigo and tinnitus that come together as attacks. The vertigo attacks and the episodes of tinnitus may be co-dominant or separated by intervals of long duration.

When the attack of vertigo is in the center of the clinical picture – the sufferer feels almost paralyzed and cannot move by himself.

When the tinnitus comes in attacks – the patient typically suffer from hearing impairment after every attack.

Hearing Loss

In most of the patients the damage is seen in the high frequency part of the audiogram. When the hearing loss is severe – the patient is suffering from incapacity. The hearing loss may be unilateral (one ear) or bi-lateral (both ears).

Migraine Headache, Dizziness and Imbalance

About 30% of the patients are suffering from Migraine Headache. Between the attacks of vertigo, the patient may experience episodes of Dizziness for few seconds or Imbalance.







































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