Medical Approach

Limited Medical Possibilities

As can be seen from the brief review of the theoretical aspect of meniere's disease there are very limited possibilities for medical treatments. Now comes the question: "Is there any different medical approach?"

Basic Assumptions


I have three basic assumptions:

1) Most of the Damage in meniere's disease is located somewhere Deeper than the internal ear. In medical terminology it is: Retro-Cochlear Disease. This term includes the vestibulo-cochlear nerve, brainstem, inferior colliculus, the insula of the cerebrum and their connections to the CNS structures.

2) Our body can repair itself, when it is healthy. We have Curative Mechanisms that do this important process, and they have internal programming that enables them to do regeneration of any part of the body that was damaged.

Examples of curative mechanisms:

stem-cellcollegan fibrolast








3) All the above is Helpful to patients who are diagnosed as having tinnitus, vertigo or dizziness and does not fill all the diagnostic criteria for Meniere's disease.

Review of possible causesComprehensive Treatment Program

On the basis of the above, I start with review of possible causes for the clinical picture.

Most of my patients are coming after good medical evaluation by specialists of Ear Nose and Throat who focus on ruling out the possibility of structural abnormalities of all types.

After that I am trying to find Biological Systems in the body that failed to take part in the regeneration.

It means: I take detailed medical history, including all the prolonged medical conditions in the past, surgical procedures and important medications that the patient used before and is using now.

On the basis of the medical history and the available objective tests, I refer my patient to the missing tests. Most of them are blood tests.

Comprehensive Treatment Program

The results of the objective test are unified with the medical history in order to establish a comprehensive treatment program. The medical knowledge behind this program is the western medical literature.

Consult Other Patients

Since every patient is different, I recommend to find patients who agreed to be videotaped, send E-mail to one of them or more than one, and ask for her or his phone number.

A conversation "from Heart To Heart" is very helpful for both of you. It helps to understand how the treatment is conducted and decreases the sensation of despair.

You are welcome to watch and contact them directly through this link: Patients Videos







































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