Hearing loss

What is Hearing Loss

Hearing loss means a level of hearing below the normal range for the age group of the patient.

A patient may be diagnosed as a sufferer of hearing loss and in spite of that he may continue to maintain his life as before. Usually when the plugged ear menierehearing in the range of spoken language is preserved, the patient is not seeking for hearing aids.

Hearing Loss Diagnosis

The diagnosis of hearing loss is done by qualified audiologists who use an audiometer that presents the sound stimuli to the patient under standard conditions.

Repeated audiometric tests may help to decide if it is a static medical condition, such as exposure to explosion, or a dynamic medical condition as can be found in acoustic neuroma or otosclerosis.

Hearing loss in Meniere's disease

Patients with Menieres disease may experience a frightening symptom: When they have increase in their tinnitus, the affected ear is suffering from hearing impairment.

Hearing loss in Meniere's disease is one of the four major symptoms. It can be uni-lateral, bi-lateral, or it may happen in later stage of the disease.

Elimination of infections, ear wax, perforation of the tympanic membrane or other mechanical causes is done by otoscopy.

Lidia's Case

Experts of Ear Nose and Throat tend to give steroids as tablets or injections to the middle ear via the tympanic membrane.

Mrs. Shachar Lidia has tried this quick procedure. She stopped the metabolic approach and tried injections of steroids to the middle ear. Her condition became even worse. Now she is continuing the treatment with the metabolic approach (see her video-clip).

Steroids effect

My experience is that the effect of the steroids (if there is any effect) is very temporary. As the metabolic treatment is in the advanced stages, these frightening symptoms disappear.

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