Prosper Meniere

New medical condition

A brilliant French physician, Prosper Meniere, was the first physician who reported to the medical world about the connection between the inner ear pathology and identification of a new medical condition characterized by sudden attacks of vertigo, tinnitus, nausea, and unilateral deafness.

prosper meniereAlfaro (1958) added the symptom of ear blockage to the criteria.

Meniere's notes

Meniere's notes of clinical and pathological aspects of this medical condition have been the subject of intense discussions by medical historians of the twenty century.

A growing number of publications analyzing every case that was published by Meniere, are relating to all the details.

A significant trend of medical literature aimed at doing research of the precise clinical and pathological symptoms and signs of Meniere disease has also established.

Meniere's early years

Prosper Meniere was born in 1799 to a tradesman who lived in southwestern France. He was an exceptional good student and succeeded in the field of basic sciences and classics.

The interruptions

He obtained his doctorate in 1828. Unfortunately his academic career was interrupted by the King and Meniere's life took an unusual deviation from the academy when the King assigned him to a different job. We won't expand and write the names and titles of all the "time wasters" that took a talented medical doctor and destroyed his academic career.

Finally, the "Happy end" came: Dr. Prosper Meniere came back to clinical work and medical research.

Varied medical interests

In 1838, Meniere became the chief physician at the Institute for Deaf-Mutes in Paris, and continued to maintain varied medical interests, from this point on his professional activities focused on otology. He died in 1862.


Today, nobody is trying to remember the name of the King and the name of the Duke that wasted the time of Meniere, but Meniere remained famous even among the non-medical community.







































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