What is Audiometer?

An audiometer is a machine used for evaluating the level of hearing, and serves to diagnose and quantify the degree of hearing loss.

Audiometer Test

Audiometers are basic accessories at Ear Nose and Throat clinics, ENT departments in hospitals and in audiology clinics.

audiometer testA high quality audiometer coupled with a high quality sound proof chamber are essential for diagnosing and follow up hearing tests of tinnitus, vertigo, dizziness and Meniere's disease patients.

Prevention of noise induced hearing loss and tinnitus

Mobile units of audiologists with audiometers and portable sound proof chamber are doing reaching out service to factories and other kinds of industry. This service may be helpful in the prevention of noise induced hearing loss and tinnitus.

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Hardware Audiometers

Their hardware is a personal computer that receives input from the audiologist and sends output to a pair of headphones. The system includes a response button for the patient.

The computation can be integral part of the audiometer or it can come from connection to a standard PC. Sound output via bone vibrators can be applied to measure conductive hearing level.

Software Audiometers

A cheaper alternative to hardware audiometers can be found in the software audiometers.

The electronic parts of the device are available for many applications in the computation market. PC-based audiometric screening can be done by home computer and can be performed by any user of the PC in his office or home. Their accuracy of software audiometer is lower than the professional audiometry due to lack of a standard for calibration and the effect of ambient noise without usage of professional sound proof chamber.

Clinical Audiometers

clinical audiometerIn the clinical PC-based audiometers, the higher quality of performance and the high price are part of the deal, when compared to the software audiometers.

Industrial Audiometric Testing

They are commonly used in hospitals, audiology clinics and research institutions. These audiometers perform Industrial Audiometric Testing.

These audiometers may regulate their fine tuning to an accuracy of small part of a decibel. The sound output after their fine adjustment is more accurate than in hardware audiometers.

Some audiometers are manufactured with a software developer's kit that provides researchers with the capability to create their own diagnostic tests.

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