Meniere's Disease Cure

Cure according to literature

The medical literature is pessimistic regarding the cure of meniere's disease.

Those statements are wrong. Only arrogant medical doctors afford themselves to be so self confident when they talk to their patients or give a literaturescientific lecture.

The prognosis variability

The first point is the variability in the prognosis of meniere's disease.

When we discuss the issue of cure, we should include the patients that have the mild to moderate appearance of the disease, and are cured spontaneously.

One third of the patients have 1 to 2 attacks that include some of the 4 classical symptoms. After that, until the rest of their life they are symptom free.

The Ear Nose and Throat doctors can not claim that their treatment cured the patient, but from the point of view of the patient it does not matter. A sufferer wants to be cured.

Medications side effect

The second point is that there is a list of medications that may cause tinnitus, vertigo or hearing loss.

There are even drugs that cause menieres disease. These side effect does not occure in every patient, but they are known as a risk factor.

Changing the treatment may lead to disappearance of the side effects in many of the patients, but not all of them.

menieres disease causes neuromaIntracranial mass

Intracranial mass may cause symptoms of meniere's disease.

Acoustic neuroma, Cerebello-pontine angle tumors, intra cranial bleeding in the extradural, intradural and parenchimal spaces may mimic meniere's disease. Benign tumor can be treated sucessfully by a skilled surgeion.

Self limited medical condition

Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV) is example of self limited medical condition.

Many patients who are coming to the Emergency Department are cured with or without medical treatments.

Sometimes the patient does not have a classical clinical picture, and the specialists in the Emergency Department refer him to a deeper investigation.

Some of these patients are diagnosed as Meniere's disease sufferers.

Symptoms without known underlying cause

All the contraversy is about those patients that are diagnosed as having meniere's disease symptoms without any known underlying cause.

Comprehensive Treatment ProgramMy approach is that a better medical investigation have a high probability to help in the process of cure. The first office vist in my clinic takes about 3 hours, or even more.

I need this time in order to cover all the possible medical aspects that may be involved in the clinical picture of meniere's disease.

Cure through telemedicine?

There are sufferers of meniere's disease who ask me to do "Telemedicine".

From my experience, it is a bad way to treat a medical condition that other experts consider as incurable.

Medical Program

There is cure for meniere's disease, but both the patient and me should do a lot of effort to collect relevant inforamtion and establish a good medical program.

My patients: Dr. Arie Yagoda (see video clip), Mr. Cohen Yaacov (see vido clip), Mr. Aptekrev Dmitry (see video clip), Mr. Shachar Lidia (see video clip) and other patients (who were not videtaped) can tell you their personal story.







































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